EU REACH regulations

Putting REACH regulations into action is a complex task. Here at NRC, we work closely with you and provide you with all the information necessary to get the job done right.

REACH, the EU chemicals legislation concerning the registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals, was enacted in 2007. Reversing the burden of proof, REACH places the responsibility of demonstrating the safety of a chemical substance on both producers and importers. They are required to register their chemicals and ensure their products can be safely handled.

Even before REACH came into effect, each of the NRC staff members responsible completed in-house and external trainings to prepare for all aspects of REACH – especially the communication along the supply chain. In addition, NRC installed a REACH project team consisting of representatives from the managing board and the individual business units as well as from Quality & Safety Management, Logistics and IT. Further information and quick support are provided by NRC’s REACH brochure, which you can download from our homepage in PDF format. In addition, we also publish regular updates regarding the current status of the REACH and GHS legislation by way of tradetrends, our company magazine.

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