Our innovative formulations are setting trends

With the broad range of raw materials available in our portfolio, we create synergies for every sector of the cosmetics and household market.

Here at NRC, we offer the products and services to support the development of high-quality products. Whether it’s using a variety of raw materials to put together a range of skin care products for you, or taking on a series of performance tests, we’re there to support your business. In our modern application laboratory in Hamburg/Germany, we take the product experience gleaned from our work with numerous suppliers and put this to work producing new formulations that satisfy today’s market conditions. 

In addition, we work closely with customer laboratories and support the application laboratories of our product manufacturers.  These cooperative efforts bring to us a lot of resources in return. Beyond the world of cosmetics and the household sector, we have close partnerships with other companies, e.g. the Rowa Group laboratory.

Working together with partners affords us access to all the customary measuring and blending methodologies in our industry, as well as vulcanization processes. We utilize our own resources and the competence of our suppliers to provide optimal support for the development of your company’s products.

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