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The NRC Group distributes Honeywell’s expanded product portfolio

Hamburg, 09.03.2017 – Honeywell, long-standing partner to The NRC Group, has further expanded its range in different product groups. White and orange shades of the Lumilux® afterglow pigments are now available. Additionally the enterprise has expanded its successful A-C® product range to include ethylene acrylic copolymers and emulsions from the Cohesa® series. The NRC Group will distribute the expanded portfolio.

Expanded color range of afterglow pigments

For more than 20 years now, the Lumilux® Green SN and Blue SN range of highly efficient phosphorescent pigments has been successfully used in a wide variety of applications. These pigments play a life-saving role in emergency situations, e.g. when used to create luminous signposts that are visible in the dark and during power outages. When the electrical source fails, the pigments continue to emit light because of their phosphorescence.

Honeywell has now expanded the color palette of the Lumilux® series: apart from the well-known green and blue afterglow products, white and orange luminescent pigments are available on the European market. Both 50025 Lumilux® White N and 50035 Lumilux® Red N-WS can also be processed in water-based formulations. Due to a grain size in the range of 30 μm, screen printing is usually the most suitable application method. Besides this the fragile and shear-sensitive afterglow pigments can also be used in other processing technologies. In the production of extrusion and injection molding parts, for instance, desired effects can be achieved with a suitable loading quantity.

Wider range of ethylene acrylic copolymers

Honeywell is a global leader in high value-added polymers to enhance the performance of paint, coating, ink and adhesive formulations. Honeywell's A-C® portfolio which is distributed by The NRC Group, includes several families of copolymers such as ethylene maleic acid, ethylene vinyl acetate and ethylene acrylic acid copolymers. Such copolymers facilitate the formulation of incompatible materials and bring unique end-use performance benefits.

This year Honeywell has expanded its range of ethylene acrylic acid copolymers to meet customer demand for higher acrylic acid content.

Honeywell is also continuing to expand its Cohesa® emulsion offerings. These innovative additives are high-solids copolymer-in-water emulsions formulated with low or zero surfactant content for use in a broad range of waterborne formulations to improve their technical characteristics. Key benefits include improved adhesion, especially to low surface energy substrates, improved resistance of an adhesive to shear, and improved abrasion resistance in inks and coatings.

In addition to the existing Cohesa® 0001, 0002 and 3050 emulsions, Honeywell will now bring to market two new surfactant-free emulsions of ethylene acrylic acid copolymers: Cohesa® 3055 Emulsion and Cohesa® 3060 Emulsion. These emulsions are suppled at 45% copolymer solids to minimize the demand on formulation space and drying of the formulated products in which they are included, while offering broad compliance to both European and US food contact norms.