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The NRC Group: New and innovative proprietary products

Hamburg, 18 August 2016 – On occasion of the K 2016 Plastics & Rubber fair, The NRC Group is presenting its own line of innovative products.

In particular, we would like to mention two new developments:


Special requirements call for customized plastics. With NORD-MIN® PPS, The NRC Group provides a proprietary and special type of plastic that is extremely impressive in terms of its media resistance.

Characterized by its excellent resistance to a wide variety of media, very high heat resistance and inherent flame resistance, NORD-MIN® PPS is a highly specialized plastic that provides an excellent complement to The NRC Group’s range of proprietary products. NORD-MIN® PPS finds use in exactly those applications where other hightemperature resistant thermoplastics – e.g. PA6T-based PPAs – fall short due to insufficient media and temperature resistance.


The masterbatches developed by The NRC Group range from polyolefin-based to technical polymers and can be supplemented with the standard NORD-MIN® FRMB product line. Combined colour and additive concentrates are available in either grey or black varieties. Halogen-free NORD-MIN® FRMB options are also available, as well as those containing halogen and antimony. NORD-MIN® masterbatches are used in e.g. electronics and electrics, as well as in the transport and construction industries.