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The NRC Group: Well-positioned in medicine and health care

Hamburg, 18 August 2016 – An increasing number of The NRC Group’s partners and suppliers are becoming more active in medicine and healthcare, with portfolios that offer a wide variety of solutions.

Also with its suppliers, The NRC Group offers a large selection of materials and technical advice with which to support prospective customers with the development and creation of innovations in medical technology. The products on offer are fully documented with the assurance of long-term and reliable availability.

Medical plastics are used to make solution containers, medical devices and disposable items such as syringes, bandages, tubes and the like – the most common applications are found within injection molding and extrusion.

The standard grades of the materials available can be purchased in both transparent and natural colors, making them ideally suited to use in any medical application. For several applications, however, certain specific qualities are essential. Thanks to The NRC Group’s comprehensive portfolio, even customized solutions such as adhesion modified compounds in TPE are easy to achieve.

Pharmaceuticals as a whole constitute an important and fast-growing branch of industry. This is an area in which The NRC Group can look back on many years of experience in the sale of raw materials for medical applications, yet still our sales force remains committed to further increasing its know-how and expanding the company’s product portfolio. With the support of its partners, The NRC Group is able to maintain an excellent level of competence as a distributor in this field.