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Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH and Polytechs: New partners in Germany

Hamburg, 15.02.2017 – Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH has been in cooperation with Polytechs since 1 January 2017, distributing the company’s well-known CLEAN X product lines throughout Germany.

With over 30 years of global success, Polytechs specializes in finishing and compounding processes. As one of the leaders in the market for purging compounds, the French company from Cany-Barville stands out because of its high-quality products and the developments that come from its own R&D center. Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH has been distributing Polytechs's CLEAN X purging compounds in Germany since the turn of the year. These are used for the chemical and mechanical removal of polymer and pigment residue left in machines after plastics processing. The CLEAN X product line is subdivided into both the CLEAN X INJECTION and CLEAN X EXTRUSION series.

In order to clean injection molding machines effectively before processing new colors or materials, Polytechs offers CLEAN X INJECTION as an optimal solution - especially for hot runners as well. CLEAN X INJECTION removes residue entirely and also optimizes process costs, as efficient clean-up saves both time and materials.

For customers in the extrusion field, CLEAN X EXTRUSION is the right choice. It can be used to prevent contamination in films manufacturing, for instance, by eliminating specks caused by polymer residue. Because the product is easy and straightforward to use, color and material changes go significantly faster and allow for production to be started again sooner.