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Heromelt® : New product line of high-performance thermoplastic polymers

Hamburg, 18 August 2016 – Just in time for the K 2016, Heroflon and The NRC Group are proud to introduce Heromelt®, a new line of high-performance polymers that are particularly suitable for specific and high-tech, heavy-duty applications.

The range includes:

- Heromelt® FP* Fluorothermoplastics (FEP, PFA, ETFE, etc.)

- Heromelt® FP* Peek Special Blends

- Heromelt® Colour Fluoro-Masterbatches

These highly sophisticated compounds find use in a wide variety of business fields that range from the automotive and aerospace industries to hydraulic and mechanical systems and chemical production plants.

The range is compatible with a large variety of organic fillers, allowing customers to create an ideal formulation that also fulfills the needs of their applications in terms of cost, properties and sustainability.


*Note: “F” stands for “Fluorothermoplastics” and “P” for PEEK blends