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Heroflon HEROLUB FMA: FAKUMA 2017 premiere

Hamburg, 11 August 2017 – The NRC Group and co-exhibitor Heroflon are excited to present the new HEROLUB FMA Fluorinated Micropowders Additives at the FAKUMA trade show on the occasion of the event’s 25th anniversary. The innovative additives provide cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions for high-performance thermoplastic polymers.

Heroflon has long-term experience and expertise and in the production of HEROLUB FMA, which is based on high-quality and virgin PTFE. In addition, the company's attention to cost reduction has resulted in a range of products that take advantage of pre-sintered products from manufacturing surpluses.

The pre-treatment that is normally necessary to meet required particle sizes inevitably decreases the temperature stability of the raw materials to such a point that using them for high-temperature polymers such as PEI, PES, PPS and PEEK is not recommended - a dilemma which is resolved by the innovative and recently-developed milling technology that Heroflon utilizes for HEROLUB FMA. This process achieves the desired level of particle size distribution with far less aggressive pre-treatment, and the results allow for improved tribological effects as well as maximized temperature stability. The optimized process also facilitates savings on the PTFE base material, leading to reduced costs as well as reduced wastage - and thereby lasting positive effects on the environment.