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Good for the environment, good for the paint

Hamburg, 09.03.2017 – Together with its partner ICAP-SIRA, The NRC Group will be presenting at the ECS an innovative development that makes formulating high gloss coatings with low VOC content possible.

Unlike traditional water-based wall paints, each individual ingredient plays an important role in obtaining the best product performance when formulating water-based high gloss enamels.

Their faster drying properties also require a significant change to application methods. Conventional dispersions with medium-high film formation temperatures (MFFT) necessitate relatively large amounts of solvents to be added that nowadays are subject to restrictive regulations. This poses a problem for manufacturers of high gloss enamels. Researchers at ICAP-SIRA CHEMICALS & POLYMERS have created an ideal solution: the new acrylic copolymer ACRILEM® IC 337 AG. This is a core-shell dispersion which gives high-gloss, water-based enamels excellent resistance to both light and aging. Furthermore, paints based on ACRILEM® IC 337 AG demonstrate good blocking resistance at temperatures of 45° C or higher.

ACRILEM® IC 337 AG is a self-crosslinking acrylic polymer with heterogeneous morphology and low average MFFT that can be used to create high gloss enamels with a VOC content that is lower than the limits set for this product category.

This new development that The NRC Group distributes is thus a superb binder with which to formulate high-quality coating products for both the DIY market and professional use.