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FFE & The NRC Group: Success through partnership

Hamburg, 18 August 2016 –As a partner to The NRC Group, Francesco Franceschetti Elastomeri will be co-exhibiting at the K 2016 fair and presenting its successful range of products and innovations.

The Italian manufacturer's product portfolio comprises the trademarked MARFRAN® , MARFRAN.MED® and IRFRAN® brands. The MARFRAN® range currently includes the following product groups:

MARFRAN® B and C: SBS-based compounds with polyolefins or styrene thermoplastics

MARFRAN® E: SEBS-based compounds with e.g. polypropylene, polyethylene, EVA-copolymers

MARFRAN® : SEBS-based Shore D compounds with various polyolefins

IRFRAN® : SEBS-based Shore D compounds with improved lowtemperature impact strength (as compared to MARFRAN® )

Special attention should be given here to the MARFRAN® E range, which consists of different product lines and offers processers as well as users a variety of possibilities. MARFRAN® E is usually recommended for injection molding and extrusion, and with select product lines 2K injection molding and blow-molding processes can also be used. In addition, FFE is always pleased to consult with customers interested in making customized adjustments.

Medical and pharmaceutical products

The MARFRAN.MED® range is suitable for widespread use in the manufacture of countless semi-finished products for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Three product lines in particular meet with strong customer interest:

MARFRAN.MED® AU A new and patented SEBS-based compound series containing usnic acid. This is a naturally anti-microbial substance that has potent antibiotic effects on Gram-positive bacteria.

MARFRAN.MED® SM1 This series of compounds, with improved compression set properties and good resistance at higher temperatures, has achieved excellent results in medical devices - particularly in extrusion applications. Tubes produced with MARFRAN.MED® SM1 can be sterilized in autoclaves (30 minutes at 121 °C; 10 minutes at 134 °C).

MARFRAN.MED® HTRE This series of compounds was specifically developed and designed for extrusion applications that require a high degree of transparency. It is a good alternative to PVC.