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Asahi Kasei LEONA™ 92G60: successful expansion of the LEONA™ range

Hamburg, 10 August 2017 – Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH now carries a new product from supplier Asahi Kasei: 92G60. This product is the newest addition to the popular LEONA™ range.

Asahi Kasei has been actively marketing its LEONA™ range since 1975. Over the years, the company has been steadily adding to this line with products of even higher performance capabilities. Asahi Kasei is one of only few fully-integrated polyamide manufacturers worldwide that is able to produce all forms of PA 66, from monomers to compounds. PA 66 is a preferred choice for automotive and sanitary applications as well as in the electrical and electronic sectors.

Low mold temperature
The various grades of LEONA™ PA 66/6I each have excellent surface gloss, are UV-resistant and also easier to process than other types of PPA.

LEONA™ 92G60 is a newly-developed product that has recently been brought onto the market. In addition to having extremely high rigidity and strength, LEONA™ 92G60 is an innovative product that demonstrates very good flow properties and provides a high-gloss finish. Processing LEONA™ 92G60 is very easy, as molds only need to be heated to around 100°C; for other PPAs, mold temperatures are significantly higher. This helps reduce cycle times, which allows for more parts to be produced in shorter periods.

For the special requirements of mechanical stress
When used in gears, ball bearings or chain tensioners, materials require certain features: they need to have very good sliding and friction properties. This makes the modified varieties of LEONA™ PTFE ideal, e.g. LEONA™ 1442 as a polytetrafluorethylene-modified PA with medium viscosity and a friction coefficient of 0.21.